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Barbara Newborn M.A., C.R.C., 500 R.Y.T. At the age of 21, Barbara suffered a devastating stroke that paralyzed her right side and caused her to lose speech completely. Screen images Though her recovery took many years, Barbara discovery of Yoga became the guide for her transformation. She began to rebuild herself in all the abilities that she lost. Barbara began her professional training by receiving two master degrees as a rehabilitation specialist. She visited India many times, where she researched unique techniques of healing yoga with T.K.V. Desikachar and A.G.Mohan. The article The Healing Power of Yoga highlights some of her work. Barbara continues to learn alternative, creative ways to heal and nurture each individual. Barbara specializes in therapeutic Yoga practices, where she combines her Certified Yoga experience with Rehabilitation. She truly believes, a student only has to be shown a unique and different way of making the "impossible"... possible.

Antonin Nenov 500 R.Y.T. grew up in Eastern Europe having a deep interest in spiritual teachings. In 1990 Antonin moved to New York where he was able to practice various styles of yoga for the next 10 years. He went on to further his studies in India with A.G.Mohan and Indra Mohan. Antonin teaches a unique blend of yoga techniques adapted for the individual needs. Antonin believes that yoga is a process leading to personal integration in all aspects of life.

Teodor Nenov practiced yoga since he was 16 years old. His family has been one of the greatest sources of support and inspiration in his life. Teodor's profound interest in yoga, motivated him to teach classes in the United States and Germany. He truly believs that yoga is the perfect tool to radiate more peace and awareness in one's life.

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